Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you're like me, you have a mother who already has everything she wants, rarely thinks about herself because she is always thinking about those she loves around her, and to top it all off, she always says "you don't have to get me anything." Each year, I try to find something special for her to either incorporate into her wardrobe or home by always keeping in mind her style.
If you're in need of some gift ideas, I have listed a few options (low to highly priced) that hopefully will come handy in selecting a gift for your mother.

1. Kate Spade has some colorful and sophisticated iPhone cases and this Ladybug iPhone 5/5s ($34) is perfect for spring/summer months coming ahead. It is bright and feminine

2. This Nordstrom Paisley Scarf ($38, comes in orange, purple and green shades) is a beautiful, lightweight scarf made in Italy and it would complement nicely a white tee or blouse

3.  REN Rose O12 Moisture Defense Serum ($80) would be a great addition to your mom's beauty routine as it will add glow, softness and comfort to her skin. This serum will lock in the moisture and restore natural radiance, while at the same time fight free radicals and signs of aging

4.  This is the newest perfume by Stella McCartney "Stella" ($21-87, different sizes available from travel/trial), which is inspired by fresh, dewy roses under the morning sun. The scent encompasses citrus notes together with freesia to allow a sweet feeling.

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses ($130, come in black, brown and pink) are beautifully design to complete many face shapes

6. If a coffee lover, Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine ($165, comes in black, white, blue, and red) is a MUST in any kitchen. I love mine dearly and I find it superb incomparable with all others I've had in the past. Nespresso has come out with different variations of the espresso machines (with/without the milk frother), which will serve your mom whichever traditional/non-traditional coffee drink her heart desires

7. Any mother looks terrific with earrings on and these Ippolita "Rose Rock Candy" Stud Earrings ($395) would only enhance and sparkle her beauty. Their blush rose color will be gorgeous on any skin-tone

8. If you can and would like to spoil mom this Mother's Day, Michael Kors "Large Casey" Satchel ($1,195, comes in black and vanilla) would be a superb present. Its structure is accentuated with polished goldtone hardware

***The cupcake is a sweet reminder to NOT forget with your gift ... yum

Have you already found a present yet? Do you have any traditions? Remember to show appreciation for your mom (and dad) everyday!!

Monday, April 27, 2015


I've been quite intrigued and anxious to try Tatcha products for a while as brand's philosophy and promise is "less is more - geisha beauty secrets." Japanese women are well known around the world for impeccable skin and I certainly want to try all that they're using to achieve such results!!

Tatcha has come out with several products, but I was mostly interested to test/try out Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. This product comes in travel (0.5 oz, $15) and trial size (2.1 oz, $65). As much as I love makeup, I do love skincare products as well ... as what has been said, is true "Beauty comes from inside out."


I love the packaging - designed with a clever opening on the top with a push-back cap for the product. The small opening at the top allows for controlled product pouring, while at the same time making the product safe to travel with.

The Rice Enzyme Powder is a unique water-activated cleanser and exfoliator in one product. It is recommended to be used on a clean face. The powder was very gentle on my skin and didn't leave it dry or tightly uncomfortable afterwards. I was able to tell the difference on my skin's finish after its usage - it felt smoother, cleaner and more breathable.

The Classic Rice Enzyme Powder ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Potassium Myristate, Polyethylene*,  Papain (Papaya Extract), Talc, Dextrin, Red Algae Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Alcohol, Hydrolyzed Conchiolin (Pearl) Protein,  Phenoxyethanol.

Since the Classic Enzyme Rice Powder was released, Tatcha has come out with two other versions: the Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder and the Deep Rice Enzyme Powder (both in travel/trial sizes). 

You can find Tatcha products on their website, or Sephora, Barney's New York

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Perfect timing to be tagged for a "What's inside my bag" tag as the diaper bag has recently retired. Thanks to my sweet friend Sam (@dazzlefabble) for tagging me to show all of my bag's glossy wonders.

I try to keep my bag organized mostly, but with a toddler around there's either toys/snacks forgotten in there, or crumbled receipts thrown in a hurry as I run after her. 

So, here you go my darlings ... Take a look inside my purse and crack a giggle as life is beautiful, sweet and messy at times <I'm becoming more accepting of it since I've had a baby>

As usual, I have way too many lip products in my purse. I adore my Chanel Coco Rouge Shine for everyday usage as they don't dry out my lips and provide color and moisture in one. I also love the Chanel Glossimers as well, but I find myself to wear them more rarely as they prevent me from smooching my baby <dislike leaving the sticky product on her perfect face>.

The Tory Burch red patent wallet is a favorite of mine <an oldie, but a goodie>. The Jimmy Choo sunglasses provide the protection and style all at once. I do were contacts and the ClearEyes drops are definitely needed during the day, especially if I'm wearing them for too long. While the goldfish are a snack for my sweet baby <sometimes mommy as well>, the wipes are used right afterwards to clean up the messy, chubby hands.

What's in your bag? Do tell - I'd love to hear from you

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I was tagged on this post by a lovely IG member/blogger named Samileen whose IG account is Dazzlefable and Blog is named <fabulous feeds to follow and swoon over>. 

Let's carry on with the tag questions...

1 | It's 2am, what are you up to?

Easily asleep, unless tending to my daughter

2 |  Are you all time partier or home-body?

I enjoy being with my daughter and husband - whether that's home or out n' about. I take pleasure out of having friends/family over as well. 

3 | What's your phone's lock screen background?

My baby girl's brightly red painted toes *nom nom*

4 | Your dream vacation?

I'm a hot weather lover; therefore beach relaxation is my R&R of choice. If I'd have to pick a specific location would have to be either Fiji and/or Bora Bora.

5 | What was your first makeup product?

While thinking real hard for this answer, I feel like I'm ages old. If my memory serves me correctly, I would have to say that it was definitely a lip product and most likely, a lip gloss.

6 | 5 products on your wishlist?

I just recently did a post listing all that I'm currently lusting over - check it out here

7 | Worst Social Media site in your point-of-view?

Ahhh duh, it's Flickr. I'm clearly addicted to IG.  

8 | What freaks you out the most?

Snakes and spiders

9 | How would you react if all your make-up got stolen? 

Definitely file a police report stat!!!!!! 

10 | Pet peeves? 

Dirty utensils/dishes and/or fractured dishes at a restaurant, people chewing loudly, and people blowing their nose while seated to dine. Why can't humans be born with these minimalistic manners embedded in them right at birth?!?!?

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Friday, April 10, 2015


This time of year is fabulous - not only because of the weather getting warmer, but also the gorgeous colorful beauty collections coming out. As a reminder, the Sephora Beauty Insider sale starts soon (April 12th for VIB Rouge members) Some of the items on my list are via Sephora, the rest are from Nordstrom. 

1 I I am a huge fan of Caudalie and them coming out with these new face masks, which target different needs. The options include the Purifying Mask, the Instant Detox Mask, the Glycolic Peel, and the Moisturizing Mask ($39 each). 

2 I The Tory Burch eyeshadow palettes come in three different color hues: the Catch, the Cat's Meow and the Pas du Tout. My preferred one is the "Catch" and quite excited to swatch it and test it out ($60 each). 

3 I I'm intrigued and quite anxious to try Tatcha (any of its products for that matter). Who doesn't want to have impeccable skin like Japanese women are known to?  I'm mainly more interested in the Polished Rice Enzyme Powder, which promises to remove all the impurities and leave the skin smooth and polished in an instant. It functions not only as a cleanser, but also as a toner ($65) 

4 I Bobbi Brown "Pink" Cheek Palette is loaded with three light pink shades of blush - neutral, bright and a highlighter. As any of Bobbi Brown's blushes, I'm quite certain that the palette would not disappoint in its longevity and quality ($45)

5 I Who doesn't love a nude lip?!? These Nars Nude Scene lip glosses promise just that. They come in two colors: Guyane (pale nude pink) and Vent Sale (clear with silvery specks of shimmer) ($29 each)

6 I Tom Ford Eye Color Duo come in three different shades: Crushed Indigo (blue hue), Raw Jade (green hue) and Ripe Plum (purple hue). Gorgeous to look and even more gorgeous to wear!! ($60 each)

What's in your beauty radar? Are you planning to take advantage of Sephora sale this week?

Friday, April 3, 2015


YSL and Nordstrom have released an exclusive collaboration named Pop Water Collection. It consists of new shades of Glossy Stains, Nail Lacquers and a new Metallic Eyeshadow formula. This collection is currently available only at Nordstrom until mid-late April. 

This collection includes:
I picked up quite a few of the lip stains (5 lip stains and the lip plumper) - they're fresh and juicy colors, which really brighten up the mood for spring/summer. 

In order (left-right) - Plump-up (200), Dewy Red (201), Rouge Splash (202), Eau De Corail (203), Pink Rain (205), Juicy Peach (207)

The sponge tip is perfectly shaped to get precise application around the edges while the flat beveled parts allow you to fill in and cover the entire lip. They are perfectly designed to allow impeccable application each time. 

The plumper is very hydrating on the lips. It comes in a very pale pink shimmery hue, but on the lips it is basically clear. It is very hydrating and gives the lips a pretty long-lasting shine. 

The tinted lip stains come in variations of bright summery colors, but still wearable. One swipe on your lips allows a transformation into a soft tint, while additional swipes would build on more color. 

The scent on these stains is a very soft sweet grapefruit scent, but it is not overwhelming and still pleasant. I am in love with the Pop Water Glossy stains and very content with all the colors that I chose above. 

Have you tried any of these? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know your thoughts below...