Thursday, April 23, 2015


Perfect timing to be tagged for a "What's inside my bag" tag as the diaper bag has recently retired. Thanks to my sweet friend Sam (@dazzlefabble) for tagging me to show all of my bag's glossy wonders.

I try to keep my bag organized mostly, but with a toddler around there's either toys/snacks forgotten in there, or crumbled receipts thrown in a hurry as I run after her. 

So, here you go my darlings ... Take a look inside my purse and crack a giggle as life is beautiful, sweet and messy at times <I'm becoming more accepting of it since I've had a baby>

As usual, I have way too many lip products in my purse. I adore my Chanel Coco Rouge Shine for everyday usage as they don't dry out my lips and provide color and moisture in one. I also love the Chanel Glossimers as well, but I find myself to wear them more rarely as they prevent me from smooching my baby <dislike leaving the sticky product on her perfect face>.

The Tory Burch red patent wallet is a favorite of mine <an oldie, but a goodie>. The Jimmy Choo sunglasses provide the protection and style all at once. I do were contacts and the ClearEyes drops are definitely needed during the day, especially if I'm wearing them for too long. While the goldfish are a snack for my sweet baby <sometimes mommy as well>, the wipes are used right afterwards to clean up the messy, chubby hands.

What's in your bag? Do tell - I'd love to hear from you

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